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The following is our log for new, modified, or removed material from this web site.

5th August 200:

Alhamdulillah. Islam Answers is back. If Allah Wills, you won't be having problems with the Islam Answers web site. Still, Allah knows best.

I agreed with a Muslim brother to put his articles on my site. His name is Shahid. I am starting a new section containing his articles, "Articles by Shahid." There is also a link to it on the main page. Currently, there are two articles by him there:

I also modified the "Issues concerning or related to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)" page. I added a few articles in it. The following are the new articles added:

And, added a page containing our contact information.

9th June, 2000:

Added the "Issues concerning or related to Prophet Muhammad" section. Added an article in this section:

Old lies against Muhammad (From the biography of the Noble Prophet, "Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum.")

Was Prophet Muhammad a sinner?

Response to the allegations about Muhammad's death

Also added a small section of links.

6th June, 2000:

Our guest book is now working. Articles will be coming up soon.

5th June, 2000:

Alhamdulillah. We have finally uploaded our Islam Answers web site. Articles will be now coming is a slow speed.

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